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For an Italian Industrial Group to be a recognized leader in the international market means knowing how to combine long-term tradition, technological development, reliability, creativity, materials research, quality of service and the ability to place always at the center of its attention the customer's needs.

In this way SOITAAB, for many years, gets success in every continent, producing and distributing CNC cutting machines and band saw. SOITAAB cares with extreme caution any aspect of the industrial chain, in respect of a production and know-how entirely Made in Italy; the new modern factory in Milan area with a permanent exhibition and show room welcomes all domestic and international dealers and customers for any need of demonstration or cutting test.

SOITAAB is an ISO9001 certified company.

Union is Leadership

SOITAAB Group has acquired, in 2010, the know-how and trademark of FRIGGI, another undisputed industry leader and a true example of Italian technology and experience applied to cutting solutions.

In this way Soitaab becomes absolutely one of the world's leading manufacturers of band saws and, for know-how and tradition, the absolute reference for large dimension machines.

SOITAAB Group now produces new bandsaws branded FRIGGI-SOITAAB, with continuous expansion of models and development of new technologies.

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